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How to get an upgrade on Turkish Airlines?

You know how essential comfort and luxury may be to your journey if you travel frequently. Customers can choose to upgrade their flights with Turkish Airlines, one of the best airlines in the world, for a superior flying experience. In order to increase your chances of earning a Turkish Airlines Upgrade   and enjoying the maximum in-flight comfort, this blog post will examine various strategies.

Choose the Right Fare Class: 

One of the primary factors that can influence your chance of getting an upgrade is the fare class you choose. Turkish Airlines prioritizes upgrades for passengers who have booked flexible or premium fares. Upgrading from Economy to Business or Business to First Class is generally easier when you book a higher fare class.

Join the Miles&Smiles Loyalty Program:

Joining Miles&Smiles, Turkish Airlines’ loyalty programme, will improve your chances of receiving an upgrade.You accrue mileage points for each flight you take as a member, which you can then use to get free upgrades. The likelihood that you will get upgraded increases the more trips you take with Turkish Airlines.

Upgrade with Miles&Smiles Points:

 Apart from earning mileage points, the Miles&Smiles program also allows you to upgrade your flight using your accumulated points. You can use your points to upgrade your ticket or bid for an upgrade through the “Upgrade with Miles” program. This flexibility gives you more control over your upgrade options.

Check for Eligibility at the Airport:

 If you haven’t been able to secure an upgrade before your flight, don’t lose hope yet. At the airport, Turkish Airlines sometimes offers last-minute upgrades based on several factors, including flight availability, aircraft capacity, and membership status. Checking for eligibility at the airport can be a game-changer, especially if there are vacant seats in higher classes.

Special Occasions and Celebrations: 

Please inform Turkish Airlines if you are honouring a particular occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. Airlines occasionally provide free upgrades as a courtesy and to make your occasion even more special.. While not guaranteed, it’s worth mentioning your celebration to the airline staff when you check-in.


Securing an upgrade turkish airlines  can significantly enhance your travel experience, providing you with additional comfort, amenities, and luxury. By choosing the right fare class, joining the Miles&Smiles loyalty program, and utilizing your mileage points strategically, you can maximize your chances of getting an upgrade. Additionally, keeping an eye out for last-minute upgrade opportunities at the airport and mentioning special occasions during check-in can also increase your odds. So, go ahead and elevate your flying experience with a Turkish Airlines upgrade for a truly memorable journey.

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